18th October 2013

Dylan is 2 years old and he brings his stryder bike to Simply Cycling at Longford Park. He can go very fast on it and looks great amongst the other cyclists on the track. He is so good he entered the British Stryder Championships at the Velodrome last week and reached the semi finals.

Well done Dylan!

He doesn’t come to the sessions on his own (well he wouldn’t really at 2 years old!) but with 2 other great cyclists, big brother Louis and mum Sam.

Click on the video to see Dylan go….

17th October 2013

We had a great ride out today along the Trans-Pennine Way from Altrincham to Lymm (and back). The weather was great and the group was very friendly – although there was some debate whether we cycled 13.5 or 16 miles. I say 16 of course. The only problem with this cycle route is the serious lack of good cafes/coffee shops!

Without finding one we all stopped at the Lymm Hotel. We knew it was going to be more expensive but boy were we shocked. In addition to the high prices, the tea and coffee were only ok and the hot chocolate was almost undrinkable. It also took them 35 minutes to bring us all a drink – there was only 10 of us. Never mind, we will know not to go there again.

We would be happy to hear if any other cyclist has found a better spot for a cup of tea along this route!

16th October 2013

Blog 20

Jack has been coming to Simply Cycling at Longford Park on a Sunday for ages with his brother Stan and Mum Sian. He is 13 years old and Stan is 11. His personal best was 3 laps around the track after which Stan would give him a victory lap with Jack sitting in the front bit of the box bike.

Last Sunday he was full of beans because he completed 4 laps and announced that he was now in training and was aiming for 5 laps next Sunday.

The photo shows Jack and Stan having their post training celebration.

Follow Jack’s progress on this Blog next week and beyond…..

16th October 2013


Have you ever wanted to ride a bike around an athletics track in the dark dressed as a witch or a ghost? Then now’s your chance at the Simply Cycling Spooktacular Halloween Session on Thursday 31st  October at Wythenshawe Park Athletics Track. It is on from 5pm until 7pm and will cost the usual riders price of £2.

Refreshments will be available to buy (for instance – Hot Dogs for £1) and you will be given a glow-stick to carry around with you. Make a date in your diary for this ghoulish event. Costumes of course are expected,so come on all you witches, warlocks, Dracula’s, ghosts and ghoulies —- aargh!!!!!!!

11th October 2013

The weather today was distinctly chilly with a wind that seemed cold and strong when you had to pedal against it – so its hats and gloves time already. It was only a couple of weeks ago we were in shorts and T shirts.

The weather didn’t stop 54 riders at Longford Park and 50ish riders at Wythenshawe Park – we just pedalled faster to keep warm.

For those people who don’t know, Simply Cycling is not just a summer activity. We will be going throughout the winter months at both sites so get the thick trousers and duvet jackets out of the wardrobe and onto your bodies.

Through wind and rain and snow and ice we will be there !!!

10th October 2013

The River Mersey runs through South Manchester on its way to Liverpool and the sea and ten intrepid Simply Cyclists rode from Wythenshawe Park, through the woods, around Chorlton Water Meadow and along the Mersey up to Stretford (and back!) We did have one stop for tea at the Ark Cafe at Sale Water Park. The total distance was 15 miles, the weather was great and we all had a good time. The only downside was the stony paths which formed part of the route giving some of us tender behinds! Never mind – our derrières will just have to toughen up!

Check out our photos on Punkt!

s sister

9th October 2013

Pauline and Wendy came to the cycling session on Tuesday this week at Wythenshawe Park from West Lancashire – quite a journey. It was great to see them for several reasons. It was a long car ride for both of them, Pauline had never been on a bike before and Pauline is my sister.

After a packed lunch it was time for Pauline to try the side by side bike, I can’t say she did a lot of pedalling but Wendy got them both around the track. Its been ages since I have seen Pauline smile so much so here’s hoping she will be up for it next week. I have told her to practice the pedalling before next time.

Kids Bike8th October 2013

60 pupils from St. Mary’s C of E Primary School in Daveyhulme visited Wythenshawe Park today. Whilst half the group of children from Reception and Year 1 (5 and 6 years old) went on a nature ramble, the other half joined us at Simply Cycling and had a great time speeding around the track. After some time the groups swapped over at which point there was some reluctance shown by the cyclist group to leave for their nature walk. They went further into the park after they all enjoyed a packed lunch.

Simply Cycling always enjoys visits by school groups and the groups tell us that they also have a great time. If your school or your child’s school want to come and visit us at Wythenshawe or Longford Parks please contact Sue or Helen. Mrs Hayes from St Mary’s has confirmed that she can give a glowing report from her school’s trip. Costs are moderate and we can assure schools of a warm welcome.

4th October 2013

I see Jane quite regularly at Simply Cycling sessions. She comes to Longford Park, Wythenshawe Park and on the “rides out”. The sight of her and Helen on a tandem always gives me a chuckle with Jane sometimes having a rest from pedalling and Helen shouting for her to keep going. Today at Longford Jane brought along a big carrot cake she had made for Helen, covered in butter cream and raspberry topping (the cake not Helen!). It was big enough for us all to have a piece – mine was very small but I suppose it had to be to go around nearly 40 people. Jane had baked it last night and all of us have crowned her “Star Baker of the Week”. Anyone else who wants to join in the contest for best cake will have to do very well to beat this one.

Readers will know already that my cake obsession is second to my cycling pre-occupation, so that makes me a good judge – doesn’t it? ………

3rd October 2013

 I got it wrong yesterday – the Ride Out today at Marple was not along the canal with all it’s locks but along the Middlewood Way. This linear park, once a railway, runs from Marple to Macclesfield and is 12 miles of flat woodland trail that is beautiful and interesting. We didn’t do the whole length but managed about 8 miles along and of course 8 miles back. About 12 of us started off in good spirits and stopped after about 6 miles at the Miners Arms in Poynton for a nice cup of tea (no cake). The path was a bit muddy so some of us who didn’t manage to dodge the puddles had our backs coated. How some of the others were as clean as a whistle I’ll never know. The rain which was forecast for today stayed away, so we all had a great time – even Gregor who came off his bike and cut his knee a bit seemed very happy. He said he was showing off a bit by going too fast. If you want to visit Middlewood Way Linear Park it begins by Rose Hill Station and is a great place for walking or bike riding.