4th November 2013

The frosty start to Monday morning was a bit of a shock but it turned out to be a glorious sunny day. LongfordPark looked fabulous in the sunshine with the trees being gold, red and brown. Don’t worry I am not going to burst into poetry. About 30 riders enjoyed the session. Helen and Sue were busy planning the opening of another Simply Cycling outpost at Boggart Hole Clough Athletics Track in Blackley, North Manchester on Wednesday afternoons from 1 til 3pm. So if you are a budding cyclist or a lapsed wheeler come along and join us there too!

My new saying of the week is “there is nothing in the world that can’t be made better by riding a bike”

3rd November 2013

On Wednesday last week, twelve intrepid cyclists left Manchester for a cycling holiday to Merseyside. The first day consisted of the 24 mile seaside ride from Seacombe to West Kirby on the Wirral. The weather was dry and sunny, there was a lot of singing (!) and a lovely lunch was had at The Quirky Little Coffee Shop in Hoylake. Nine of the riders then travelled through the Mersey tunnel to spend the night in Liverpool. A new party of seven joined them for the second day ride on Thursday (I hope you are following this!)

Day two consisted of riding the 11 mile stretch from Halewood Triangle Park to Aintree Racecourse and 11 miles back again. The weather was kind and the ride was very enjoyable along the Liverpool loop line, closed by Mr. Beeching. We had a lunch stop a the Rocking Horse Pub outside Aintree Racecourse and Mary the waitress was very patient with our many demands. Cycling along old railway tracks is great for one thing – no steep hills, just gentle gradients. The almost imperceptible gradient on the Liverpool Loop is down in the southerly direction so our tired legs were helped a bit on the return journey. As an added bonus, we all arrived back in time for the Halloween event at Wythenshawe!

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1st November 2013

Over 100 people attended the Simply Cycling Halloween Spooktacular Ride at Wythenshawe Park last night and had a great time. Firstly the riders, mostly in costume circled the track in the dark carrying glowsticks and red flashing rear lights (no one crashed!). It was all very spooky. Following refreshments which included a BBQ we all went for a guided horror ride through the park – now that was really scary. Young and old said that the event was great and we must do it again next year. I think that my costume of a skeleton (which looked good riding a bike) was one of the best but I didn’t get a prize!

29th October 2013

Today’s cycling session went really well despite us all getting wet in the showery weather. 34 riders came today, mostly in waterproof gear and those that weren’t borrowed cycle capes so all carried on cycling during heavy showers.

Ha Ha, we laugh in the face of weather!

Nice to see old friends and there were some newcomers too who we hope to see again soon. My sister Pauline paid us another visit with her friend Wendy and it seemed that cycling is their new passion, with lots of smiles and gestures of pleasure from both of them.

I must mention the new look canteen hut which has been recently repainted by Sue, Helen and Rob in Simply Cycling colours of Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue. It sounds a bit Technicolor and you definitely need your sunglasses on when you go in – but its very cheerful and a great spot for a hot drink and a biscuit.

29th October 2013

The arrangements for the Halloween Spooktacular event at Wythenshawe  Park Track have changed a bit so if you were making plans to come then  please be spooked by this —–

4.30 until 6pm Track cycling in the dark with glow  sticks

6 until 6.30pm  A guided ride into the unknown  ( Wythenshawe Park is very spooky in the dark !!)

Don’t forget your costumes and masks. Helen and Sue are trying theirs on now – Help! I am really frightened!


27th October 2013

Well he’s done it !  Five great laps with Mum Sian and Bro Stan without a break. In spite of the showery and windy weather Jack was on great form and I am sure he could have done one more to make it six, but no, he is leaving that for next week. Stan and he did the usual victory lap just before we got caught in the rain. I hope you spotted the deliberate mistake in the last blog – I said that Robert had done 70 laps which was 18.5 miles. All you good maths folks out there know of course I should have said that was 17.5 miles. I will put some more deliberate mistakes into future blogs just to get you all going!

Anyway here are a couple of great pictures of Jack and Stan to complete today’s story.

resized IMG_0174Resized IMG_0173

25th October 2013

I was reminded of the old saying “rain before seven-fine before eleven” this morning when I woke up and it was dark and pouring with rain. So I arrived at Simply Cycling at LongfordPark about 9.30 to find that although the rain had stopped there were no cyclists doing their thing. As the morning wore on the sun came out and I became very warm. Had to take my coat off. That old saying about the weather was only known to the courageous few, as only a total of 14 riders made it. A great time was had by all though and a special mention should go to Robert who completed 70 (yes 70) laps – that is 18 and a half miles. His annual target of 1000 miles looks set to be shattered as he is now up to 940 miles with just over 2 months to go. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it !

Just think on riders ….. Rain before seven-fine before eleven.

You can’t go wrong with old Geoff’s country wisdom!

24th October 2013

What a great ride out today. Eight of us completed 14 miles along the Fallowfield Loop from Sainsburys in Fallowfield to the Velodrome and back. We had a great refreshment stop at the Velodrome cafe and we managed a sneaky look at the Team GB cyclists doing their training, going round and round the Velodrome at amazing speeds. I said to my friend Adam ” would you like to do that?” He said ” I have done it, it was a bit scary going up the banking” So at some date in the future it will be me and Adam on a tandem going up the banking at the ‘Drome. The weather for today’s ride was dry and sunny and some of the group did more circuits of the track when we got back to  WythenshawePark – not me though, I just had another cup of tea!

21st October 2013

photo-3 50percentSimply Cycling volunteer Owen recently chauffeured (if that’s the word) newlyweds Mr. and Mrs Howard (Andrew and Izzy) from their wedding at Holy Trinity Platt to their reception using our Taxi-bike. The reception was held at Chancellors Hotel – some 2 miles from the Church. Congratulations to the happy couple and to Owen for having such strong leg muscles.

The Taxi-bike is one of a few new acquisitions by the Simply Cycling project and bookings can be taken for your wedding, civil partnership or any event you have in mind.

Trips to the supermarket would be a bit tricky though — with all your heavy shopping!

20th October 2013 

Jack came to Simply cycling today with just his mum Sian as Stan had gone to football. Jack and mum managed to equal Jack’s personal best with 4 laps but couldn’t quite make a fifth. He also said I looked like Dick Van Dyke – so I tried a couple of verses of “Lets go fly a kite” –  but that seemed to drain his energy more, rather than get him going. Next Sunday is the day for 5 laps because Granny and Granddad might be coming to watch. For those readers interested in numbers – 78 riders today!!!!

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