28th November 2013

Mustafa and Donkey

Today a great band of 13 cyclists took to the Fallowfield loop and rode to Debdale Park near Gorton . It was a round trip of 9 and a half miles, highlighted by a stop off at the Donkey Sanctuary which some of us had never been to before.Helen and Donkey!


If you have never been either then I can recommend it with lots of great donkeys to look at and stroke. “What’s this one called?” I asked one of the volunteers, as I stroked a really placid fellow. “Neddy” she said – well it had to be didn’t it?

I am not sure where we are riding out to next week but hope it is another good one like today.

On Sunday evening (24th November) one of our  containers in Wythenshawe Park was broken into and three of our most popular bikes were stolen. This is the second time we have been burgled in 3 months!

If you see anyone with one of the following bikes in the Manchester area then please call Sue, Helen or the Police straight away.







Go Kart


20th November 2013

Tracy received some Simply Cycling Gift Vouchers for her birthday recently and she used one for her visit this morning. I won’t say which birthday it was but lets just say she has had more than 21 of them!

If you are stuck for a birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or family member then why not give them some Simply Cycling Vouchers.  You can use them to pay the £2 session fee at Wythenshawe, LongfordPark or Boggart Hole Clough and if you buy 5 we will give you one free, so you get 6 for £10

Interested – then speak to Sue, Helen or Alison

ps Happy Birthday to Tracy – again!

17th November 2013Geoff and Jack

Today Jack was awarded a Simply Cycling certificate for reaching his goal of 5 laps of the track at Longford Park for 4 weeks running. He is thinking about raising his total to 6 laps in the near future. If you or your loved ones want to have your training goals recognised by a Simply Cycling certificate , please see Helen, Alison or Sue and I am sure one can be arranged.

With the weather being dry this weekend we have had record breaking numbers of cyclists for this time of the year. Wythenshawe had 69 riders on Saturday and Longford had an amazing 109 today. Congratulations to all out riders !!

15th November 2013

Gaynor from Trafford College provided 2 excellent varieties of cake this morning at Longford Park!Empty cake tubs

She had made delicious Ginger cake and  toothsome Chocolate Brownies – both were soon devoured by a crowd of 34 riders. She has promised more of her great baking with an Orange and Poppy Seed Cake next week. Thanks from all the cyclists – especially me, the cake expert!

I wanted to show a picture of the cakes but they got eaten before I could get my camera out – so you’ll have to make do with the empty tubs!

Weather today was dry and bright but quite cold so message to all our regular riders – get your gloves and woolly hats out ready for next week .

Getting ready to go!14th November 2013

 Prince Charles couldn’t have had more fun on his birthday than we had this morning riding from Wythenshawe Park to the airport then along the orbital cycle route. We covered about 15 miles with a tea stop at the Flying Horse pub along Styal Road. It wasn’t flat and some of us – me really, had some difficulty with the up bits but the group of 9 riders allowed me a short stop to regain my breath at the top. Robert, who as mentioned previously was awarded a certificate and medal for doing 1,000 miles this year, announced at the end of the ride that he has now done 40 miles since yesterday morning – well he is a lot younger than some of us. Looking forward to next week’s ride out already.

Stopping for hot drinks



Above we have Jane sporting her new sweatshirt – looking very smart indeed! And here are some of the group relaxing with a hot drink before attempting the final leg of the journey.

Rob getting 1000mile award!What a great day we had on Wednesday; the sun shone again, we had a huge crowd at Wythenshawe track – and all this was made all the better when Robert was presented with his certificate – he had completed his personal challenge of 1000miles a month early! Well done Robert, we are all very impressed!

13th November 2013


LongfordPark on Monday was drizzly but we had a great crowd of 30 riders who didn’t really care about the weather.

Tuesday was dry and sunny at Wythenshawe with 43 riders, including my sister Pauline with her friend Wendy.

Wednesday(today) was week two at Boggart Hole Clough in Blackley and we had a great time with 15 riders – all of whom said they are coming next week! The people walking their dogs and kids in the park showed a lot of interest too so I think we have made a great start to our sessions in North Manchester. Check out our video on Punkt!

Tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to ride the Airport Orbital Route which will be about 10 miles so if anyone fancies joining up with us please give Sue or Helen a call and we can get a bike ready for you. The meeting point is Wythenshawe Athletic Track at 9.30 – so far we have about 10 signed up.

See you there!

8th November 2013

We at Simply Cycling think we have had a great year with wonderful weather this last summer, record numbers of riders coming to all our sessions, good rides out and the opening of the Boggarts Hole Clough sessions.

What do you think? If you have got a story about Simply Cycling we would like to hear from you.

Please spend some time talking to Alison or Geoff at any of our sessions and give us your story……

How long have you been coming to Simply Cycling?

Do you come cycling to get fitter? If so has it worked?

Is Simply Cycling a friendly place to be?

Have you got any ideas to make it even better?

If you don’t know Alison or Geoff, then just shout out the next time you come and we will make your acquaintance and have a chat. You can have your story about Simply Cycling put on our web site or you can remain anonymous. You can even give yourself another name – so come on Victoria Plum or Jack Frost, we want to hear from you.

7th November 2013

We had a very promising start to our sessions at Boggart Hole Clough on Wednesday this week. It was drizzling a bit so we didn’t get a lot of riders as the previous club wouldn’t run sessions in the rain! – as a result we only had 4 takers. However, we met a few people in the park and in the cafe and told them how at Simply Cycling we cycle through rain, sleet and snow and they promised to come next week! There are some great bikes there from the project which used to run and we can use them all. Remember that Simply Cycling will be running the sessions there every Wednesday from 1 o’clock until 3pm. The Athletics Track is quite near the entrance to Boggart Hole Clough Park on Charlestown Road, Blackley; you can park easily and there is a very reasonably priced café by the lake (close to the track) where you can get homemade soup and all the usual café fare! Didn’t sample the cake this time but no doubt will soon! —- so see you next week.