2nd October 2013

 Because I missed my Simply Cycling session at Wythenshawe yesterday, I have decided to join the group on the “ride out” tomorrow, Thursday.

“Where are we going?” said I.

Helen and Sue replied in unison “I think we should go to Marple and ride along the canal”.

Now I know a canal tow path is usually flat,but the canal at Marple is full of locks so alarm bells started to ring in my head. I do love cycling but hills and I don’t really get on – I usually get to the top of any incline hot and bothered and invariably in the wrong gear. I have been assured that there are no hills on our route tomorrow but are these folks to be trusted? I’ll let you know how I get on and whether I can walk or not by tomorrow afternoon.

Don’t forget you can follow our travels with photos on PUNKT

30th September 2013


Over last weekend  two birthday parties were held at Simply Cycling. One at Wythenshawe and one at Longford Park. Both went extremely well with lots of children enjoying riding the bikes and scoffing Birthday Cake ( seems like cake is a recurring theme of this blog). The mums and dads were a bit reticent at first but within ten minutes were hurtling around the track. We had volunteers on hand to help out with the bikes and it seems a good time was had by all.

If you are wondering what to do for your next kids party then why not try a Simply Cycling party?

Costs are very reasonable – for an exact cost please contact Helen or Sue and we will see what can be arranged. Check out our party video on Punkt!

29th September 2013 sunshine

Is it the warm sunny weather?

Is it the warm sunny welcome we try to give people?

Is it the lure of the track?


I am not really sure but how about these figures for this last week:

Monday 23rd – Longford Park – 42 riders

Tuesday 24th – Wythenshawe Park – 57 riders

Wednesday 25th – Wythenshawe Park – 73 riders

Friday 27th -Wythenshawe Park – 77 riders

Friday 27th – Longford Park – 41 riders

Saturday 28th – Wythenshawe Park – 132 riders

Sunday 29th – Longford Park – 124 riders

Simply Cycling Rocks !!!

27th September 2013

Last night at the “Spirit of Manchester Awards” ceremony, Simply Cycling was the successful winner of the Most Innovative Community Project category. I knew that our club was the spirit of Manchester all along but now we have a certificate and a nice sculpture/model thing to go with it!

Congratulations to all the riders, volunteers and engineers who keep the bikes on the road. A big round of applause must go to Sue and Helen (our leaders) who work so hard and keep coming up with new and exciting ways to keep Simply Cycling fun and friendly. I would put a picture of the sculpture/model thingy for all to see but we have to mend it with superglue as Helen snapped the top off on her way home…

25th September 2013

Simply Cycling bike sheds were broken into last month at Wythenshawe Park and about 17 bikes were stolen. Whilst some were found and returned by the police and local people, mostly were abandoned in the park or on the golf course, several are still missing. I think everyone (apart from the thieves) have been sympathetic and have sent their good wishes. This week brought a new twist to the story. A hand operated bike had been found abandoned and had been reclaimed by a private recovery firm and it sat in their yard for some time. The fee for getting the bike from them turned out to be £150 – phew a bit of a shock!

The costs of the break in are roughly as follows:

  • time and money to beef up security at the Wythenshawe Track
  • the still missing 5 or 6 bikes
  • £150 reclaim fee
  • the police time and effort

So a great big sarcastic thanks to the robbers! I hope you never need a community charitable organisation to help you with your life’s problems.


Jacksons-Boat24th September 2013

I have been to the Wythenshawe Park Track sessions today and can now report on tea and cake spots for the avid cyclists.

The Courtyard Cafe in Wythenshawe Park has been getting rave reviews since it opened earlier this year. Lemon Drizzle cake was today’s special, it got both thumbs up from at least two of our Simply Cycling members.

The Ark Cafe near Sale Water Park has got its loyal client base with copious consumption of its veggie fare. Old favourite, Jackson’s Boat on Rifle Road cannot be forgotten. It must be at least 20 years since I had my first lunch there. For a cup of tea and a bacon butty, Simply Cycling members roundly recommend The Butty Van which is usually parked further up Rifle Road.

So there you have some ideas for tasty stop off points during your cycle rides. We are always open to new suggestions so do let us know your favourite. Remember, that to be a Simply Cycling Tea and Cake Spot it needs somewhere to secure your bike or outside seating where you can keep an eye on your machine.

Tea Hive

23rd September 2013

Along with Wurzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally I am partial to a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake, particularly following a Simply Cycling session. Here are some tips for places to visit near Longford Park. I have chosen them for their tasty treats but also places where you can keep your eye on your bike if you leave it outside.

Have you tried the newish Edwardian Bungalow Cafe in Longford Park near the kids play area and the pets corner? Also there are 2 places on Manchester Road, Chorlton;  Babakan Deli and The Tea Hive. I am sure there are others so if you know any in the Chorlton / Stretford area then let me know. Remember there must be a good spot to chain up your bike and a way to keep your eye on it.

I am at the Wythenshawe track tomorrow so I’ll tell you about good tea and cake spots around there soon….mmm

22nd September 2013

Got back from a weeks holiday in Greece and was feeling wary of a cold cycling session at Longford Park today – not a bit of it, the sun shone and it was very warm. I know all at Simply Cycling keep saying “This may be the last sunny day of the Autumn” but they still keep coming. I had a great time and the sun brought a good crowd out; 115 riders of all ages from about 2 to 72 years of age. I think all the bikes were out and lots of riders helped us put them away, which is great and saves us volunteers time and effort. Thanks guys!

Click here to watch a video clip from today at the park.

My friend Gregor, who volunteers at Simply Cycling nearly every day was awarded a certificate last week for being an outstanding volunteer in Trafford and he came a close second for the overall Volunteer Of The Year prize. Well done Gregor!!!

Thursday 12th Sept 2013

On my way out this morning to get my paper I passed a young lady in athletic gear doing her post run stretches. She smiled and I said “Keep doing those stretches.” I then added “Did you know that at the end of our road in Longford Park you can ride a bike on a Monday & Friday and Sunday afternoon?”

“Really!” she said “I have never heard of that, can I bring my baby? He is 14 months old.”  I replied that we had baby seats for different ages, and she then exclaimed with delight; “You mean that I can use one of your bikes then?!” I think we may have another rider (or two if you count the baby).

The moral of the story is never pass up an opportunity to tell folks about Simply Cycling even if it is with strangers on your street – I may have made a new friend.


11th September 2013

After a very hectic but glorious summer, with the autumnal weather here and the schools back in action, I would like to report on riders’ figures for this week;

Sunday 8th September at Longford Park – 54 riders

Monday 9th September at Longford Park – 37 riders

Tuesday 10th September at Wythenshawe Park – 40 riders

Wednesday 11th September at Wythenshawe Park – 61 riders

Not bad for a so so weather week. Keep on cycling folks! See you at Longford and Wythenshawe soon.