Meet The Volunteers 1- Gregor Lamont

16th March 2015


Gregor is 29 years old and has enjoyed riding a bike for as long as he can remember.

How long have you been volunteering with Simply Cycling?

I have been volunteering with Simply Cycling for nearly five years. I come three times a week.

What do you do here?

I help to mend and maintain the bikes, get them out of the containers and put them away again. It has also been known for me to make the odd cup of tea.

Why do you volunteer for Simply Cycling?

I like being helpful and busy but I usually have time for a chat with friends and colleagues. Last year I was helped by Simply Cycling to complete the City Guilds Level 2 Cycle Maintenance qualification, so I now get to tackle bigger repair jobs.

What makes it fun for you?

I get to see friends, old and new and I really love the long bike rides we do on the cycling holidays like the 2 Coast Challenge in May this year.

Look out for Gregor at the Longford Park track, he will be the tall chap wearing his favourite army gear. Don’t forget to say Hi.