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9th January 2014

Riding out in January is always a bit of a gamble with the weather but today it was dry and not too cold. Ten of us rode the Fallowfield Loop to the Velodrome at Eastlands where we had great elevenses. We then went on to PhilipsPark in Clayton which was a revelation to me as I had never been there before. It was a really pretty woodland park crisscrossed with mountain bike trails. I stuck to the paths though, as I was riding a standard bike. We then took the Loop trail for our return journey to Fallowfield.

Total miles – 15 and a bit.

Went home for a lie down!!!

(See our facebook page for more pictures).

6th January 2014

Happy New Year to all of you and here we are in 2014. The sessions started at Wythenshawe Park on Saturday 4th January with a bang of over 50 riders then took a bit of a dive on Sunday at Longford Park with only 10 – but it was foul weather. Today, Monday, again wet and really windy but 23 riders turned up. Remember if you made a New Year’s resolution to get fitter then there is no better thing than cycling a couple of times a week to shed those few extra Christmas pounds. All are welcome whether you are a regular cyclist, haven’t ridden for years or have never ridden a bike. All ages and all abilities are represented at Simply Cycling so why not come along and join in?


20th December 2013

In the run up to Christmas and New Year  Simply Cycling seems to be as busy as ever – 20 or so riders this morning at LongfordPark. Tomorrow and Sunday will be the last sessions of the year but as Arnie says ” we’ll be back” in early January.

Must mention the Santa ride and Christmas party yesterday – 20 riders started off from Wythenshawe Park in various fancy hats and costumes and rode via the Mersey to Longford Park where we had Lunch and games. The weather for the return journey took a turn for the worst and everyone got soaked. Did they care? – not one bit. Well I didn’t anyway as I met them just for the Lunch and ducked out on the ride! Plenty of photos – Check out Punkt. Also check out our Facebook page.

All that’s left is for Simply Cycling and me the secret blogger to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Cycling New Year!


16th December 2013

The cold drizzly weather at Longford Park meant that we had only 10 riders this morning. We did a bit of riding on the track but mostly we had tea and chocolate biscuits in the clubhouse. Today was in stark contrast to yesterday’s crowd which topped 60 – but is was quite dry and warm(ish).

Looking forward to the Santa ride and Christmas Lunch on Thursday this week leaving Wythenshawe Park at 10am., Santa hats are a must – over or under your helmets – it doesn’t matter. If you want to join us for the ride or just the Lunch party then give Helen or Sue a ring. £10 per rider or eater.

Don’t forget that the last sessions before Christmas are Saturday for Wythenshawe and Sunday for Longford.

9th December 2013

This morning we were visited by a journalist from Cycling Active magazine who want to write an article in their magazine about us. The journalist was called Autumn (great name!) and she spoke to lots of us and took photos. I think she was amazed to see all the different types of bikes and the gang of about 35 riders out on a December Monday morning – even though the weather was quite warm and sunny. Not sure when the article is coming out but we will let you know when we find out.

5th December 2013

Group 2

Today we completed 14 miles from Wythenshawe Park in the most windy and wintry conditions. It was so windy that we were pedalling like mad and just standing still. The upside was that after a coffee break in Chorlton, the return journey seemed really effortless with the wind on our backs. We got back to the Park in a very wet and exhausted state. Hats off to Adam, Alan, Alison, Cath, Geoff, Helen, My, Robert and Sue. We had a great time!

Group drinkiesAlan Geoff Helen My and Alan

4th December 2013

Earlier this year Manchester City Council awarded Simply Cycling a grant from its Health Budget to continue and improve its services within Manchester. Today there was a visit from evaluators Donna and Roberto from the City Council to see what we have done with the money.

It couldn’t have been a better morning with the sun shining and 70 riders having a great time on the track at Wythenshawe. Donna spoke to lots of riders and Roberto looked inscrutable before they went with Sue to talk business. They emerged with smiles all round …… I hope Simply Cycling passed the tests and who knows – maybe we are in line for some more  grant money!

2nd December 2013

The Longford Park sessions are still pulling in the cyclists with 29 coming this morning and 53 yesterday afternoon. These are really good numbers for this time of the year. The weather today was dull but dry and not very cold so I suppose that is the reason so many are still coming. Yesterday we shared the facilities of the club house with the Friends of Longford Park Christmas Carol  Concert so we were cycling around  with a very seasonal soundtrack. Gregor is now wearing his Santa hat so we had all better get into the spirit!

28th November 2013

Mustafa and Donkey

Today a great band of 13 cyclists took to the Fallowfield loop and rode to Debdale Park near Gorton . It was a round trip of 9 and a half miles, highlighted by a stop off at the Donkey Sanctuary which some of us had never been to before.Helen and Donkey!


If you have never been either then I can recommend it with lots of great donkeys to look at and stroke. “What’s this one called?” I asked one of the volunteers, as I stroked a really placid fellow. “Neddy” she said – well it had to be didn’t it?

I am not sure where we are riding out to next week but hope it is another good one like today.

On Sunday evening (24th November) one of our  containers in Wythenshawe Park was broken into and three of our most popular bikes were stolen. This is the second time we have been burgled in 3 months!

If you see anyone with one of the following bikes in the Manchester area then please call Sue, Helen or the Police straight away.







Go Kart