10th March 2014

The bright sunny weather is here (don’t know for how long) and it brought out the cyclists. How about these numbers:

Saturday 8th – Wythenshawe –      115 riders

Sunday   9th – Longford –               173 – yes 173 riders! (a personal best for Longford)

Monday 10th – Longford –               58 riders

And a great time was had by all. Now back to the gardening.

5th March 2014

The indoor cycling sessions held at Stretford Leisure Centre finished yesterday with a great turnout of riders. I am sure that the cold weather alternative to Wythenshawe Park will be open again in January 2015. It is funny that on each Tuesday afternoon for the last 6 weeks that the sessions have been held on the weather has been mild and dry – ah well – never mind. I just hope we are not in for a freezing snowy spell from now on !

…and we would love to see our Stretford cyclists pedalling their legs at Wythenshawe, Longford or Boggart Hole Clough in the near future.

27th February 2014

Fourteen cyclists – including Sue and Mustafa on a tandem- left Wythenshawe Park this bright but gusty morning. The ride took us through the Park, up to the River Mersey and Chorlton Water Meadow, onto the Trans-Pennine Trail, through Fallowfield and onto Debdale Park. And back- 20 miles !!!

To say I was fatigued at the end is an understatement, however many in the party continued cycling when we returned to the Track. It was a great ride though with plenty of signs of spring to see along the way. I did suggest we called into the Donkey Sanctuary at Debdale Park but all thoughts of Donkeys went out of my mind at the ten mile mark, to be replaced with thoughts of a hot chocolate and a breather. I am not sure where we are riding to next Thursday but hope it is as good as todays ( a bit shorter maybe!)


25th February 20142014-02-25 base layer legs!

As a man of a certain age who has never worked outdoors, danced at the Royal Ballet or played much sport I have never been into tights. I am, however, enthralled with my latest purchases. These Campri base layer leggings (I call them my man-tights ) are really great and I got them half price. Cycling in this weather is often chilly and I needed some new thick trousers (my old cords pants had finally given up the ghost), so I thought I would get these base layer things for under my jeans. I like them so much I went back to the shop for some special cycling ones with a padded bum. Real warmth and I think they make your legs look dead good – They have to be black though – for those of you old enough to remember Max Wall, no more to be said really. For those too young, try Google (other search engines are available).


18th February 2014

The dry sunny weather this morning brought about 70 riders out at Wythenshawe with quite a few school kids on half term holidays. There were also quite a few newcomers who saw our efforts at the IIC (Independence, Inclusion and Choice) exhibition at GMex in Manchester last week. The exhibition was packed with visitors and our bike sessions were very popular (even though one gang of young football players mistook me for Reg Houldsworth !!  — isn’t it funny no one ever mistakes me for Tom Cruise).

This afternoon we decamped to Stretford Leisure Centre for our indoor cycling and were again pleased to see over 20 participants of all ages and abilities turning up. A special mention must be given to the staff at Stretford Leisure Centre who are always helpful and supportive of our activities.

Thanks (you know who you are).

10th February 2014 

Many apologies to all our regular Saturday cyclists at Wythenshawe Park after a massive mix up last Saturday left our session having to be cancelled. The large cross-country running event (which no-one told us about) overran the car park and the track leaving no room for cycling and even blocking our bike sheds. Cross country runners don’t run on the track, I hear you say, but it wasn’t really the runners – it was the car parking! Not sure it did the track surface a lot of good.

Please Wythenshawe Park Authorities, keep all your customers informed of future clashes of events so that arrangements can be properly organized in the future.

5th February 2014

The blogger is back from Holiday. After a very enjoyable week in the Spanish sun I returned to Simply Cycling on Sunday. I expected a cold damp session but not a bit of it, ’twas dry, bright and warmish with 93 (yes 93!) riders turning up. There were all sorts of folk – Mums, Dads, Grandads, Grandmas and loads of kids of all ages; Sundays at LongfordPark are turning into a mass rally of cyclists, great – keep it up and we may have to get more bikes.

The indoor sessions on a Tuesday at Stretford Leisure centre are going well with a good turn out of riders and plenty of fun out of the cold wind. Sue,Helen and Alison are busy planning the events for 2014 so watch this blog and the rest of the website for details of rides-out, one day events and cycling holidays. Preparations are underway for a 2 day cycle from Manchester to Liverpool and back in March (don’t worry, its not along the East Lancs Road). So if you fancy the trip give Helen a ring on the usual number.

31st January 2014

Just in case you are missing our regular Blogs while our Blogger is lounging in the sun (no we’re not jealous really!) – here’s a sneak preview of the Cycling Active article about us – it’s a very good read and some wonderful pictures too……… click here to download.

We are, as the article says, Simply The Best!

21st January 2014

The indoor cycling sessions started today at Stretford Leisure Centre and whilst we didn’t get a large crowd we had a great time with 8 lads who came with their teachers. Don’t forget the indoor sessions are every Tuesday from 1pm until 3pm.Wythenshawe Park session on a Tuesday will now run as usual- 9.30am until 3pm (not finishing at 12 o’clock as I said the other day- oops!)

 It may be January but how about these numbers of cyclists —

Saturday 18th at WythenshawePark  – 75 riders

Sunday 19th at LongfordPark  – 73 riders

Monday 20th at LongfordPark – 26 riders

Tuesday 21st at WythenshawePark – 59 riders.

Lets hope this dry bright spell of weather continues.

14th January 2014

For those people who just can’t stand the cold weather but still like to have some fun on a bike – Simply Cycling is starting indoor sessions on a Tuesday afternoon (1pm til 3pm) from 21st January for a few weeks. The sessions will take place at Stretford Leisure Centre on the corner of Chester Road and Greatstone Road. Its still £2 per rider and those who came to last winter’s sessions indoors will remember us all having a great time on selected bikes (no two wheelers but plenty of lowriders, recumbants, side by sides, wheelchair and handbikes). These new arrangements will mean that the Tuesday Wythenshawe Park session will end at 12 o’clock rather than 3pm so if you are a Tuesday afternoon rider then why not make it to Stretford Leisure Centre and try something different? See you there!