29th August 2014

In addition to our track sessions this week, we have been on tour!

On Tuesday a group of 16 Simply Cyclists rode the Lights in Blackpool and made lots of friends with our 5 person “quindom” which we made with a series of tagalongs. There was also 5 or 6 lowriders in our group and 2 very courageous handbikers. Hats off to both Steves who in their own way made my night with serious handbiking along the Prom. Steve 1 had an unfortunate experience of a broken bike after about a mile but put on a great show with him completing his ride using his own wheelchair.

On Thursday a group went abroad to Wales and completed a grand cycle route of 15 miles along the Rhyl Riviera in lovely sunshine – much ice cream and fudge was consumed.

We at Simply Cycling would want to thank all our young riders who came along over the school holidays to all our events and we hope to see you soon at the weekend sessions at Wythenshawe and Longford Parks (Don’t forget Longford Park is not on this Sunday, 31st Aug).

Its not quite time to get on the woolly hats and gloves but get them ready for Autumn is just around the corner- eek!

15th August 2014

We have had a very busy week at all our sessions this week despite the heavy showers. Today at Longford Park we had over 110 riders but it was the only dry morning of the week . Wythenshawe and Boggart Hole Clough saw record numbers earlier in the week, even though we got soaked wet through. The riders didn’t seem to mind.

Our ride out on Thursday was during some torrential rain which turned the riverside cycle path along the River Mersey at Didsbury to a mud bath and the brave 12 cyclists managed to squelch the way through. What was going to be a quick 2 hour run to Stockport and back took us over 3 hours and we didn’t reach Stockport but were turned back by the weather at East Didsbury. What a bunch of drowned rats, some of them still smiling though!

2nd August 2014

On Thursday this week our usual group of riders was joined by 11 great young people and 2 group leaders  from the ‘Challenge Project’ – this is a nationwide organisation which puts groups of different young people together to complete a series of Challenges. They were all about 16/17 and although none of them were regular cyclists they accompanied us from Wythenshawe Park to the Trafford Centre and back – a ride of just over 16 miles. One young woman couldn’t ride a two wheeler so she completed the run on a trike. Hats off to her. Just coming out with us was not their challenge though; they as a group have to plan a charity ride for themselves to complete next week and raise some money for Simply Cycling, so a big thank you to the “Challenge”.

If you want to know more about this very worthwhile organisation then check out their website – click here for info.


1st August 2014

Last Wednesday at Boggart Hole Clough in Blackley was the best day so far for rider numbers. Over 60 riders of all ages attended with the oldest being nearly 80 and the youngest being with his mum – well he was only 11 weeks old!. Check out our Facebook page for pictures.

The success of the Wednesday sessions could well lead to Simply Cycling thinking about putting on another session on another day, so we would welcome any suggestions from the Clough crowd about which day they think would be best.

We do need to get volunteers though, so if you can spare a few hours each week and want to help out then give us a call or speak to us next Wednesday at the Clough.

21st July 2014

I know its a bit late to tell you but on 13th July a group from Simply Cycling set off on the ride from Manchester to Blackpool.

Alan, Alison, Gregor, Helen, Laura, Luke and Robert completed the 65 mile route in a great time and raised quite a lot of cash from the sponsorship of friends and families. Gregor (aka the Hulk) crossed the line first with the rest following soon after. Congratulations all round and have a look at some great photos on our Facebook page. Click here.

Things are back to normal at the LongfordPark track after a period of school sports days forcing the cycling to be cancelled, so don’t forget Monday and Friday mornings and Sunday afternoon sessions. A great crowd turned out this morning for cycling in the sunshine.

10th July 2014

I must give thanks and a special shout out to a group of people who have made a wonderful contribution to Simply Cycling funds and have completed some wonderful tasks in the process.

The Well Oiled Bikers brought their big motor bikes for our enjoyment last Saturday and presented us with a cheque for £1000. Many thanks to Luke Emery and his family for suggesting Simply Cycling for their charity fundraising.For pictures of the Well Oiled Bikers’ visit look at our Facebook page.

Also last Saturday, Hazel Dawson organised a disco night at Flixton Cricket Club and the proceeds (another £1000) were given to Simply Cycling. A great night was had by all and a heartfelt thanks to Hazel and her helpers.

Nathan Blake, one of our regular cyclists was sponsored to ride with his Mum and Dad in the Great Manchester ride the other Sunday and raised the magnificent sum of £470 – Well Done Nathan!!

And finally the ever smiling Gill Milne raised £60 by being sponsored to ride in the Altrincham Carnival with a giant Goldfish hoisted on her bike. I think we should call her Goldie from now on – Great job well done.

Many Thanks to all our fundraisers!

4th July 2014

What a week! It began with the Great Manchester Cycle Ride last Sunday with 17 of our members joining the estimated 10,000 riders pedalling the route through Manchester from the Etihad Stadium to Old Trafford Stadium and back again. All the roads en route were closed to motorised vehicles and it was a great thrill cycling along the Mancunian Way. Total distance covered 13 miles.

 Our usual sessions took place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at WythenshawePark with good numbers attending.

Wednesday also saw the grand launch of the Boggart Hole Clough session (10 til 3). Free tea and cake helped 51 riders take to the track. The starting ribbon was cut by Councillor Basil Curley and local cyclist Derrion Hardy. Other local Councillors, Veronica Kirkpatrick and Mark Hackett also came. Seems like we are in for a great summer at the ‘Clough.

Thursday’s ride out split into 2 groups, one practicing hill climbs in Wilmslow ready for their Manchester to Blackpool run next week and the other doing a more sedate 12 miles around Chorlton and Sale Water Parks. I joined the sedate group of course.

Today we were back at Wythenshawe in the rain and we are looking forward to riding in the Altrincham Carnival tomorrow.

Will I ever get any Rummy played?


26th June 2014

Next Wednesday sees the official launch of Simply Cycling’s Wednesday sessions at Boggart Hole Clough in Blackley. These sessions run every Wednesday from 10am until 3pm and have been supported by a grant from Sport England. Next Wednesday, 2nd July, we will be visited by Sport England, local dignitaries, councillors and Robbie Williams for tea and buns with the ceremony of cutting the ribbon at 1 o’clock (just joking about Robbie Williams and not sure we will have enough ribbon to go around the track  either) . Numbers at the Clough have been steadily growing over the last few weeks but we could always accommodate more so if you have been pondering about coming then make it next week and you can have some cake! We could also do with some volunteer helpers, so come on you budding bike mechanics,outgoing personalities or all around good eggs, why not turn up and give us a hand?

17th June 2014

Well, yet another week of fabulous weather (honestly, you could be in Greece the amount of sunshine we’ve had!) . The sunshine brought large numbers of riders to every session – and it was very nice to see schools bringing their pupils for a day at the Track as their end of year treat!Geoff and cath

That being said, we need to let you know that Simply Cycling will be appearing at the Manchester Day Parade this Sunday (22nd June) – and we should be quite easy to spot as we will be right at the front following a giant fish (called Gilly – I kid you not!). A big thank you to our cyclists and volunteers who helped to make the bike decorations – check out our picture – can you guess what they are? answers on a postcard please!

The parade starts at 1pm on Sunday and leaves from Liverpool Road.From there it will head down Deansgate, reaching Albert Square  before finishing up at Exchange Square at 2.30pm.There will also be entertainment from some of the North West’s most talented musicians and food in Exchange Square, St Ann’s Square, Albert Square and Great Northern Square from noon. Sounds like a fantastic day out – so come on down and make sure you give us a wave!

5th June 2014

photo 5

It was a bit cold and drizzly for our ride out this morning but a happy group of 15 riders completed 17 miles along the Longendale Trail near Tintwhistle in the Derbyshire Peak District. Its not really difficult as it runs along the old Victorian railway line from somewhere to Sheffield, we got as far as Woodhead tunnel where we turned around and had a lovely gentle downhill run back to town.The only drawback of this trail is the lack of watering holes, so no hot tea and cake til we had finished. Numbers of riders at the 3 tracks have been remarkably good this week considering the weather had been showery or downright wet. There is a hardcore who don’t mind the rain and turn up no matter what. Looking forward to a dry week next week . I will be having a dry week in Greece so Secret Blogger 2 will be reporting on Simply Cycling activities